In 1988, the first Fatz was born in a converted roadside peach stand. Back then, they believed that everyone who came in should be treated like a regular. They believed in serving delicious, classic food with Southern flare at prices that were as kind as the people who served it. They believed in maintaining their local flavor, with each restaurant run by a local guy or gal that cared about their community.

Reflecting the heart and soul of Fatz Cafe, we created the Fatz Philosophy campaign. From menus, outdoor, print and online to tv, radio and the local-store-marketing programs, we told the Fatz story by sharing their philosophy on everything.

Menu Design

This is a sampling of the many menus created for Fatz Cafe.

This shows the inside of the main menu. We worked with a professional photographer and food stylist to achieve food imagery that had mouth-watering crave appeal, while looking real and not overly styled.

This is a front and back Drink and Desserts menu. The shadows on the hero drinks are fun interpretations of where each drink can take you.

Regional TV