Verizon has many different areas of business that it's like working on several different accounts rather than one big account. Over the years I've worked on Retail, Shopper Marketing, FiOS, Sponsorships, Digital Systems and Small Business Social.

Entertainment Venue Sponsorships

Part of NFL’s sponsorship program includes sponsorship of numerous mixed use entertainment venues. From sports and concerts to special events, most sponsorships come with jumbotron and digital tv/signage screen time. This video was created as a 90 second loop that could be broken into individual 30 second loops and have the flexibility to play in a number of different scenarios in venues across the nation. 

Mets MLB Sponsorship

Part of Verizon’s Mets Sponsorship included a direct mail piece to season ticket holders. We used this piece to drive traffic to the Verizon Studio in-stadium with an exclusive gift as a way to track ROI.


This is a sales kit for Verizon FiOS MDU (Multiple Dwelling Units). The client wanted a piece that could be used as a sales tool and/or a leave behind that had the flexibility to be added to as additional materials are developed.

National Retail

These are a sampling of holiday circulars from Valentine’s Day 2015 and Christmas 2014. 

National retail ad concepts for a free airline ticket promotion.